@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 3)

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I’ll be totally honest with you. One of the reasons I love going to Ren Faire is the giant turkey legs. You get this with a goblet of mead, and you feel like one of the kids (or queens) of old.

Of course, on this particular day, it was 93 degrees and humid as hell. So in retrospect, a giant turkey leg was probably not the smartest choice for lunch.

But still – look at it! It’s so impressive!


I’m attending Wizard World Chicago this weekend in Artist Alley. I’ll be joined by fellow Reading with Pictures contributors Russell Lissau, John Bivens, Steve Wallace, Steve Horton, and Gabriel Bautista (my artist on Albert the Alien). We’re all going to be in row 3700, so look for us.

The book has been nominated for two Harvey Awards this year, so stop by and see what everyone in the industry is talking about. And meet some of the contributors to this amazing all-ages book!

“It’s hard to find quality kid-friendly titles that are as delightful to read as this one is.”
– Jeff Marsick, Newsarama

“an excellent classroom accessory.”
– Greg Baldino, BleedingCool

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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